Our mini-camping site provides a variety of conveniences. The camping pitches are spacious. All pitches have the possibility of using electricity which is generated by our own solar power panels. We strive for an energy neutral campsite where comfort still remains.

You would rather come for the panoramic view? Do you prefer to stay in the shelter of trees? We have pitches for all flavours.

Our guests like to visit our sanitairy space. This is a clean space and features a women’s and men’s department each with two showers, two toilets and handbasins. The showers are beneficial. You are good in the shower without coin machine that can interrupt the hot jet suddenly. we do ask you to save as much water as possible.

Also going to the toilet is comfortable. These are equipped with toilet paper, towels and soap. At lower occupancy a section is closed.

The two basins of the washing facility have quickly hot water. For washing with our washing machine we ask a small contribution.

The waste water that is released is purified by Yellow Iris and Cattails. The treated water is then used as a rinse water for the toilets which saves a lot of drinking water per year. You do not have a caravan or tent, you can rent a folding car or luxury caravan.

Are you looking for an exciting alternative? Rent our attractively decorated Gypsywagen. Please visit our related pages.

You can hire a bicycle on a daily basis as well. .